TSSSA Climbing

TSSSA & YMCA have teamed up to bring you an opportunity to get involved in climbing!

The event will run for all of Term 2.
During this Period any Taranaki Secondary School Students who comes climbing at the Crux Climbing gym at YMCA Taranaki can pick up a registration form and score sheet and start taking part.

You can do this during the normal Public sessions or through a school private booking.

Casual during public session is $12 including Harness Hireage.
School Group bookings are $100 per hour for a group of upto 20 – contact [email protected]

YMCA Taranaki can also offer transport options to Schools at an additional cost.

Public sessions are:
• Thursday 5.30- 9.30pm
• Friday 3.30- 7.00pm
• Saturday 10.00am- 4.00pm

Junior Female: (Years 9 -10)
Junior Male: (Years 9 -10)
Senior Female: (Years 11 – 13)
Senior Male: (Years 11 – 13)

If this is your first time Rock Climbing at The Crux Climbing Gym @ YMCA Taranaki you will have to go through a Belay Safety briefing with a trained climbing instructor before you start climbing. Once you have completed the briefing you will be allowed to belay under the supervision of the climbing wall Instructor. In order to climb, you must have someone to belay you. Therefore when coming along to the YMCA, ensure to bring another competitor, or an adult/friend who can belay for you. If at any time the instructor believes your belaying is unsafe, they will intervene and assist with further instruction.

There will be 15 Coloured Top Rope routes around the climbing wall numbered 1 – 15, these climbs will range in difficulty from grade 15 -25 in the Ewbank grading system, but will all be scored the same.

Scoring for Each Climb is based on the number of attempts it takes you to make it to the top without:
• Resting or weighting the rope in anyway
• Touching and pulling on other Coloured holds
• Using anything structure including Bolt Hangers
You will be self-scoring, so please be honest when tallying your number of attempts.

By Friday 8th September at 7pm all completed Score sheets need to be submitted to the Crux Climbing Gym so results can be published on Monday 11th September.

The top 6 climbers from each of the 4 categories will be invited to attend the Final Competition on Sunday 17th September at 10am. To ensure qualification, you must try your best to complete as many of the climbs as possible, getting to the top of each climb in the lowest amount of attempts you can.

For more information:
Please contact - Peter Lofthouse
[email protected]