About Orienteering

Due to Covid 19 TSSSA Orienteering has been suspended until further notice.


The Taranaki Orienteering Club put on a great afternoon out for our students. Our athletes compete in three categories, Junior, Intermediate and Senior for both Boys and Girls. With a compass & a map, students are to navigate between the set points in order at the fastest pace they can!!

Students have the opportunity to go further by competing at the NISS Orienteering Championships.



This sprint distance timed event requires navigational skills using a map & compass! Navigate at speed from point to point in diverse and unfamiliar terrain until you have completed the whole course! Enter in A GRADE if you're experienced or B GRADE if you're new to the sport. Junior, Intermediate & Senior categories. Participate as an individual or as a pair. Pairs can be Boys/Girls or Mixed.


Entries due 31st March - see your sports coordinator for more details.

Check out Orienteering Taranaki to see how you can get involved in the adventurous sport of Orienteering



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