About Cricket

DATE: Tuesday 9th November

VENUE: Francis Douglas Memorial College, New Plymouth

DESCRIPTION: TSSSA and Taranaki Cricket Association team up to bring you the inaugural Cricket 6’s event. Overs are shortened, the pitches are smaller, there are less fielders, and the games are played with soft balls. This event provides a great opportunity for students to try out cricket in a modified version and without the need for protective equipment. We also offer a competitive grade for regular cricketers to take part in.

CATEGORIES: Junior Boys (Year 9&10) / Junior Girls (Year 9&10)

GRADES: Competitive / Social


-                6 a side (Keeper, Bowler, 4 Fielders)

-                Limited run ups

-                Teams start on 100 runs

-                Reduced boundary size

-                Soft balls & kiwi cricket bats will be provided. Regular cricket bats can be used

-                2 runs lost per wicket

-                60 balls per innings (20 balls per batting pair)


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