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About Tennis

TSSSA hold a tennis qualifying tournament with the purpose of finding the top 2 teams to compete at the NZSS Zone 4 Tennis Qualifiers. Teams of 4 in the categories Boys, Girls & Mixed are welcomed to enter the TSSSA qualifying tournament; however they must be vying to compete at regionals & then Nationals, if successful. See your sports coordinator as soon as school returns for 2018 if you wish to be involved.

The top 2 teams from Taranaki must be identified before 16 February 2018, therefore any necessary playoff matches to determine the teams sent to regionals, will be played between the 12th & 16th February. 

No date is currently set for the Zone 4 SS Tennis Qualifiers - however the top 2 teams in each category from Zone 4 (Manawatu, Wellington, Whanganui, Taranaki) must be found by Friday 2nd March. Therefore within the period of 16th Feb - 1st March, the necessary regional playoff games will be arranged. 

NZSS Teams Tennis Final is to be held in Christchurch from the 19th-23rd March 2018. 



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