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In Term 1 2018 NZSSSC undertook the biannual review of NZSSSC Eligibility Criteria. In all deliberations the board carefully considered how any decisions would relate to the objectives of NZSSSC and provide members with sufficient opportunity to provide submissions and feedback on proposed changes.

Schools and event organisers were notified in February and to make submissions by the end of April. In May the board considered submissions and notified schools of its recommendations. Submissions on the recommendations were open until 23rd July and considered at the August board meeting.

The board has confirmed 3 changes to NZSSSC Eligibility for 2019. These are provided in full below but in summary relate to a reduced New To School quota for rugby (XV’s), along with changes to the ways in which composite teams and home schooled students may participate in NZSSSC sanctioned events.

The board thanks those who took the opportunity to provide input and have confirmed the following changes to NZSSSC Eligibility Criteria will apply from January 1st 2019. (Changes bold underlined for clarity). All other NZSSSC Eligibility Criteria regulations remain unchanged for 2019.

  1. RUGBY – New To School (NTS) quota.

From 2019, the maximum number of players permitted in the New to School quota for Rugby (15s) will be five (5)



Composite teams will be permitted only if:

(a)          all other eligibility rules regarding age and attendance are met

(b)          the principals of the schools that the students attend agree

(c)           one principal accepts responsibility for the composite team

(d)          the team will be called by a name that indicates that more than one school has contributed players

(e)          In the premier level of any sport, the team will be permitted only through the preliminary round and will not be eligible for placing or competition trophies (but may be eligible for awards such as Fair Play and individual trophies.)

(f) Where appropriate and with the agreement of the event organiser and NZSSSC, Composite teams may compete for medal places in competitions below the premier level of that NZSSSC sanctioned event. Where events are either a qualifying event for or incorporate promotion to a higher level NZSSSC sanctioned event, Composite teams may not progress or be promoted to the higher level event ahead of a team from a single school.

(g)          Composite teams should not be able to enter tournaments when single school teams are on a waiting list.



Individual Sports. 

  1. Where event organisers wish to do so, home-schooled students that provide current evidence of MoE approval for home schooling may participate in an NZSSSC sanctioned event.
  2. Home-schooled students are not eligible for medal placings however organisers may recognise a merit performance with a separate award/s.
  3. The parent of the home-schooled student must sign off a document with the event organiser accepting full responsibility for their student including the event health and safety plans.

Team Sports.

  1. For events below the premier level of an NZSSSC sport, and where agreement of the event organiser is given, Home-schooled students may be included in the Composite Team of a member school provided that the home-schooled students have been a part of the member school team for the season and not simply joining for the event.
  2. The member school principal of such teams is responsible for providing to the event organiser current evidence of MoE approval for home schooling for each home schooled student included in the Composite Team.
  3. All other NZSSSC regulations relating to Composite Teams will apply to such teams in (i) above, including the principal of the member school taking responsibility for all team members.
  4. Composite teams made up entirely of home-schooled students, i.e. not part of a member school team, will not be permitted in NZSSSC sanctioned events.