The Taranaki Girls Summit with the learning focus based around Toku Korero - Your Story and what would you love your story to be was held in Term 3.

The two events in Waitara and Hawera, involved 80 Year 10 secondary school students. The Taranaki Girls summit was successful as seen on the day with strong engagement between the students and the facilitators, amongst their peers and an overall boost in confidence experienced by many of the students as the day progressed. ​​​​​​​

Positive feedback from schools that the day challenged many students and exposed the girls to new topics and new learnings, while inspiring them to take ownership and reach their own peak. From an Instagram poll taken at the summit 98% of students said they would take part in another Girls Summit. A follow up is planned to see where students are at after the Summit and to see if their individual goals are on their way to being reached.

The event gave an opportunity for TSSSA to go beyond a focus of only the provision of sporting events and advocate for the value of sport and physical activity for wellbeing and its capacity to develop confident young people.

Opportunities for females are not always fair and equal, and their achievements are less visible. We can collectively take action to address inequities and empower all girls to realise their potential in and through physical activity. 

Research tells us that females want to participate more in physical activity. We can provide meaningful opportunities for girls to grow confidence and enable them to reach their peak.

How we value ourselves plays an important role in how we live life. As a girl, ‘Ko wai koe?’ Who are you and what would you love your story to be?