#tssatrickshot challenge

#tssatrickshot challenge


#tssatrickshot challenge

TrickShot Teaser



Social Media Campaign with Taranaki Secondary School Students and their families to keep active and have fun.


The TSSSA #trickshot challenge kicks off on Monday 6th April. Every week during lockdown there will be two challenges for Secondary School students to challenge themselves and better the Pro. 

All our Pros are young local legends and a range of tricks over many sports will keep you entertained in your back yard.  


Take a photo or video of your trick shot, use the hashtag #tsssanztrickshot and then simply tag in tsssanz or you can direct message us with your entry.


Every entry will be counted towards points for your School.  Points will be calculated at the end of each challenge.


All entries go in the draw to win a prize, plus we will award prizes for…

The funniest 

The biggest fail 

Group bubble video- can you get all your bubble members to try the trick.


Remember keep safe and keep local.