TSSSA Rogaine

15 Mar 2017

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About Rogaine

Rogaining is the sport of long distance, cross-country navigation for teams. It is similar to orienteering, but in teams. The aim is to score as many points as possible by finding checkpoints located on the map, within a three hour time limit. Checkpoints may be visited in any order and are worth different point values. 

Get a team together & enter this fun event!s

**TSSSA Rogaine Update** 14/3/18

We are sorry to inform all you keen Orienteerers that TSSSA Rogaine will not be re-scheduled for later this year. Unfortunately with an event of this size and complexity Rogaine is a difficult event to postpone.

TSSSA Orienteering is coming up on Wednesday 4th April and is an opportunity to get involved in a discipline similar to Rogaine!

Check out Orienteering Taranaki to see how you can be involved in Rogaine.



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